Excerpeutic 5000 Review

Excerpeutic 5000 Review

You are right to hold the view that cheap is expensive but what Exerpeutic brand wants you to know about them is that cheap is great. You can reap almost all the great benefits an elliptical can offer when you use Exerpeutic 5000.

Exerpeutic 5000 is a budget machine carrying features only found in high-end models. As far as performance goes, the machine packs a staggering 24 levels of resistance and 12 workout programs. In a minute, you will find out about its many other decent features.


Product Description

For the price, Exerpeutic 5000 packs so much into its tiny space.  Technology has been accelerating at a crazy rate and with this in mind, creators of this machine didn’t want to be left behind. But before we jump into that, let’s start off by analyzing the machine’s performance features.

Resistance and Incline

Just like the high-end models, this machine makes use of magnetic resistance to challenge your workout. In controlling this resistance, advanced technology was applied to ensure that you only tap a button or use your iPhone to adjust the resistance.  You can choose a level you feel is right from its 24 levels so as to vary your workout.

An adjustable incline has always been the hallmark of an ideal elliptical trainer and this machine is proud to have one.  You can have diverse and rigorous training by switching between these incline levels.

Console Unit

Even though you will want to call it a minimalistic console, what this machine has for a console unit still offers all the essentials you need from a console unit. What’s even great is that they included additional tech-friendly features that simply put the machine amongst the greatest.

The console has an LCD display offering clear readings at a quick glance and also a reference guide to its 12 workout programs.

You can collect various workout data from this console including:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Heart rate
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Watts
  • Calories burned

One thing that’s worth mentioning about this console is the inclusion of the “Mobile App Tracking” technology.  What this technology does is to enable you to keep track of your workouts while engaging in some other activity at the same time.  If you own a smartphone that uses either Android or iOS, you can link it to the system.

With the help of the Bluetooth connection, you can link your device to the machine easily and even set up your own personal profile with all your basic information. Provided you are connected, you will be able to keep a record of all your workout data. Note that you can still use your phone to make calls or perform other functions while it’s connected to the machine.

Build quality/ Design

Exerpeutic 5000 is made of high-quality steel and can take even the hardest of punishments. Users who weight as high 275 lbs can comfortably use it.

Another important aspect of this machine’s build quality and design is the 3-piece crank system. Together with the support of the two flywheels and belts, this system is able to turn that circulation motion into one of the smoothest elliptical course. It also leads to a consistent momentum and less impact your joints and knees during longer workouts.

For its stride length, you have 18″, which is quite a decent length for a budget elliptical trainer.


A good number of users have in the past had problems with getting on and off the elliptical machines. For this machine, that was taken care of by keeping it low profile at only 6″ off the ground.  In between the pedals, there’s a space of about 6 inches which helps to keep down the strain your lower back, hips, and inner thighs. The pedals are also oversized to ensure you have enough space to work out and that your feet are intact throughout the workouts.

Dual action arms that come fixed on this machine will also ensure you have a full body workout which is actually any serious trainer’s prime goal. Users who are as tall as 6″ will also have it easy riding on this machine.

Assembly and Warranty

Like many other ellipticals, Exerpeutic 5000 doesn’t come fully built and so you will have to put in more effort in having it up and running. Since it’s a lighter machine, you can put it together alone. It’s also not complicated.  On average, it can take you almost an hour to have it ready. You will also have the support of the machine’s comprehensive manual.

For the warranty, don’t expect too much as it only comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


Exerpeutic 4000, a sister model to the Exerpeutic 5000 is its fiercest rival. The design and performance of these two machines are is same. Both are also very affordable with only a twenty-dollar difference between them. However, the 5000 model gets on edge over its sister when it comes to the use of technology. Use of the mobile application tracking technology that also utilizes Bluetooth connection puts Exerpeutic 5000 at the top. Deciding which one to own between these two depends on how you treat technology.

Another machine that comes pretty close is the Schwinn 430. Even though it’s priced a little higher than Exerpeutic 5000, the latter gives the former a good run for its money. Looking at the workouts and levels of resistance, it’s a game of compensation. Exerpeutic 500 has far more resistance levels than Schwinn 430 whereas Schwinn compensates for this with its high number of workout programs. Schwinn 430 also packs a number of fancy additional features on its console unit that Exerpeutic 5000 lacks which perhaps explains the price difference. Deciding between these two largely depends on how you treat you like your budget.