NordicTrack Elliptical Review


NordicTrack first come into the limelight in 1975. Back then it was a company well known in manufacturing skier machines (which are still on sale to date). Having experienced remarkable success, they went on to venture in the manufacture of low impact machines such as elliptical trainers. It wasn’t long before they went further to include treadmills.

Despite its previous successes, in 1998, NordicTrack went bankrupt. Icon Health and Fitness got wind of this opportunity and squeezed it dry by offering to buy the company. Since this buyout, NordicTrack has once again grown to become one of the most successful and reputable fitness brand on the market.

NordicTrack Elliptical machines host some of the most dynamic training features you will ever come across in a machine.  No matter what your budget is, NordicTrack have an elliptical that will serve you right. Some of the features you should expect from this machines include completely adjustable and cushioned traction control pedals, iFit live technology, iPod docking stations, Google map routes, just to name but a few. Like many other brands, they also have a series of elliptical trainers under their name.

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Front Drive Series

Elliptical machines that fall under this series feature a front-drive design. Common features to expect include reasonably long strides, a smaller footprint, and diverse workout options. If you are a user of average height or a little taller than that, you will find this machine perfect for your training. It’s also space saving. With less than $1000, you can get an elliptical machine from this series, like the C9.5 model. Others such as the Elite 16.9 also fall under this series but come at a slightly higher price.

Mid Mech Series

Just as the name suggests, Ellipticals under this series are mainly mid-tier machines.  For less than $1000, you can own any model from this series. One great thing about them about is that they offer commercial-grade experience. Much focus was put on durability and performance which perhaps explains why they remain popular among their ‘peers’.  You can easily keep them in a small room due to their compact design.  A popular model from this category is the A.C.T Commercial.

Rear Drive Series

Many classic models from this brand fall under this series because they pack a rear-drive design.  Using them is pretty easy and they are known for simulating walking/jogging. You can as well use them in smaller spaces. Two common models under this category include the SpaceSaver SE9i and SpaceSaver SE7i.

Common Features of NordicTrack Elliptical Machines

  • Commercial grade frame and parts
  • Adjustable inclines
  • iPod compatibility
  • Customizable features
  • Quiet motion

NordicTrack’s lowlights

Aside from the warranty, which doesn’t look so impressive, and the less powerful cooling system, there’s nothing else you will likely hate about the elliptical machines from this brand.


Having been around for many years, it’s obvious that this brand has had enough time to make their elliptical machines among the best. On top of their heavy-duty construction, the machines are also remarkably quiet and of superior quality. From their 3 series of elliptical machines, you will easily find what suits you.  So if you are in need of a quality fitness machine, affordable or otherwise, this is a brand you should consider.

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