Proform Elliptical Reviews

The ProForm Brand is part of a famed manufacturer, marketer and developer of exercise equipment known as ICON Health and Fitness. Today, they share the pride of being leading suppliers of health, fitness and wellness products. This includes not only elliptical machines but also exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and other fitness accessories.

Both ProForm and NordicTrack fall under the same mother company which is why the two brands spot similarities in design, features and performance. ProForm Elliptical machines are better known for their top-notch quality, a clear reason why they also feature on the list of best-selling ellipticals.

What makes these brand to stand out from the rest is their SMR technology [Silent Magnetic Resistance], tough build quality, and compact design. Matching these features against their prices proves what many like to hear: great value for your money.

For just under $1000, you can own most of the ProForm elliptical trainers.

ProForm Elliptical Trainers

A more clear way to have a look at the brand’s elliptical trainers is to group them based on their drives.

Front Drive

A key feature of this elliptical trainers that pack a front drive is that they have the motor fixed on the front side of the trainer. Another great characteristic of these trainers is their innovative console. One of the most tech-friendly feature you can expect on this machines is the iFit capability. ProForm Endurance 520E and 720E are two of the latest models in this category followed by the 9.0 NE, 12.0 NE and then the 16.0 NE in that order.

Rear Drive

Models in this category have a motor fixed at the back side, something that many users admit makes the machine comfortable, stable and easy to use. One of the models that stands out in this category is the 14.0 RE. Top of the line models in this category always pack a slew of innovative features like a power adjustable stride, a power adjustable ramp and many other features that baseline models such as the 535, 735or 935 series don’t have. You can also expect a smoother ride and great stability on the machines under this category.


What comes into many peoples mind when the term hybrid is tossed around is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.  What this means is that the machine packs a 2-in-1 design. Other than being able to use it as an elliptical trainer, you can as well turn it into an exercise bike. Even you won’t find those advanced and customizable features like a cooling fan or sound system, your experience working out on this machine will be something you will want to carry forward into later years.

Top reviewed Exerpeutical Ellipticals

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Common Features of ProForm Elliptical Trainers

  • Commercial gauge steel frame construction
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology
  • iFit enabled
  • MP3 and IPod Compatibility


Many of the trainers under this brand come with a lifetime warranty for their frames. However, when it comes to the parts and labor, some of them feature as low as a 90-day warranty.

ProForm’s Weak Points

A good number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the front drive series citing it as uncomfortable. Even though you will be lucky to own an iFit enabled trainer, note that you will have to buy the wireless module and even have to make compulsory yearly subscriptions.  Another thing is the warranty. Whereas the frame for most of the models have a lifetime warranty, the parts have been treated unfairly by being awarded short warranties.  Also important to note is that the in-handle controls are quite susceptible to malfunctions.


One thing we can all admit about the ProForm brand is that they create some of the most durable and comfortable trainers you will ever come across. Affordability is also an important aspect that they took into consideration while also enabling their customers to get great value for their money. The trainers are also quiet, thanks to the SMR technology. To put it simply, even with the few weak points we highlighted earlier, the ellipticals under this brand still count as a solid buy.

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