Precor Elliptical Review


Many who’ve been lucky to visit Precor’s headquarter as well their manufacturing facilities in Woodinville, WA will admit that they are among the very few fitness brands with a state of the art manufacturing facility. Of course you can’t expect any less from a company devoted to quality control and manufacture of elliptical machines that offer an exceptional user experience.

Many of the features you will come across on this machine are protected by patents which is the reason why their machines are unique and among the best in the fitness industry.

According to Jim Birrell, Precor’s Chief Innovation officer, three things that qualify Precor as world’s leading brand include:

  • Premium quality
  • The crossRamp technology
  • Relative perceived exertion

Chances are high that if you’ve ever worked out or simply set foot in a decent commercial gym, then you’ve possibly used or seen a Precor elliptical trainer or other Precor fitness machines. In fact it’s not hard to believe that Precor are heavyweights in the fitness and health industry when you have a closer look at each of their series of elliptical trainers.

Rear Drive Series

Precor was actually the first fitness brand to not only design but patent an elliptical machine that is of a rear-drive design. Many other brands such as NordicTrack have since followed after them in packing this design into elliptical machines having seen the genius behind this design.  Machines that utilize this design are not only remarkable in performance but also inexpensive.

Precision Series

Precor EFX models are the official machines under this series. You will find these models everywhere, from living rooms to commercial gym centers. Every EFX model is of a commercial grade quality, durable and packed with the capacity to challenge your workout regardless of your training level. EFX 221 is the lowest of them all while EFX 835 comes on top.

Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) Series

Machines from this series, like the Precor AMT 835, are well known due to their 3-in-1 design. You have the benefit of experiencing an elliptical, a stepper, and a treadmill all from a single machine. What this means is that you can run, walk, climb and even bike on a single machine. The machines also pack a unique suspension design known to give a workout experience like no other.

Common Features of Precor Elliptical Trainers

  • CrossRamp- With this technology, the elliptical machine can mold to specifically suit your feet.
  • Commercial grade frame and parts
  • Advanced console- iPod compatible
  • Customizable features
  • Movable handlebars (for some models)

Top reviewed Precor Ellipticals

Product DescriptionScore
Precor AMT 835 Review

Precor AMT 835 Review

Forking out roughly 9 grand for an elliptical trainer may sound like a crazy idea but that is only if you don’t check ...

$8,895.00 Buy It Now

Precor’s weak points

First off, all Precor’s elliptical machines fall on the higher side of the price range. And despite being able to manufacture commercial grade machines, Precor hardly give them a decent set of warranties unlike what you will see in other cheaper ellipticals. Some users have also complained that the machines are quite noisy when one is working out on them.


It’s no doubt that Precor always put in the effort, time, and resources required to create an elliptical machine of sorts. Looking at all their elliptical trainers, one can’t help but notice the genius behind all their features. Another great thing about them is that they always assemble the machine for you hence saving you the pain of going through the assembly process. Always keep in mind that the brand’s fitness machines don’t come cheap. In addition, they are also heavy and relatively large. So if you ever decide that for once you want to be the owner of the best elliptical machine(s) today, Precor is the exact brand you should go to.

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