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Sole is a household name in the North American Fitness Industry. Even after many decades, nothing has ever shaken its place as the dominant supplier of budget and quality fitness equipment. Even though it’s yet to secure a solid place in the global market, you can’t deny its growing dominance in the Canadian and US markets.

Many users of Sole Products cherish them for their top notch performance and enticing discounts. You would think that lack of or an abundance of programs would affect their loyalty but that has never happened.

Over the years, the brand has never taken a break from packing their products with tech-friendly features. Best of all is that once you become their customers, you will be treated with respect and care and even have all your concerns taken care of in no time.

Ellipticals, Treadmills and Bikes

Sole offers us a supply of not only quality elliptical trainers but also durable and reliable treadmills and bikes. Everything you expect to find in a high end fitness machine has been included in this line of products.

Sole Ellipticals

The brand’s elliptical trainer collection packs a total of 6 machine popularly known as the E-series collection. The lowest member of the series is the E25 while the E98 is the highest member.

Other than the E-series, the brand also has an affordable, compact elliptical machine known as the SC200 priced at $899.

Product DescriptionScore
Sole Fitness E95 Review

Sole Fitness E95 Review

In its class, the Sole E95 elliptical machine tops the rest. To complement its high price, it packs a set of top ...

$4,599.00 Buy It Now
2 Sole E98 Elliptical Review

Sole E98 Elliptical Review

If you are in the fitness business professionally this is the machine that you would likely recommend to anyone ...

$2,299.99 $2,499.99 Buy It Now
3 Sole E25 Review

Sole E25 Review

Buying high-end elliptical machines will often break your bank but for a good reason. So if you ever make up your mind ...

$899.99 Buy It Now
4 Sole Fitness E35 Review

Sole Fitness E35 Review

When you dig deep into your pockets so as to afford an elliptical, the most you expect is that it will be worth the ...

$1,399.99 $1,999.99 Buy It Now

Common Features of Sole Ellipticals

Bluetooth connectivity is currently a compulsory feature in all Sole Elliptical trainers.

Another common feature is the moving arm bars and magnetic resistance which is famous for being quiet and offering the smoothest rides ever.

On top of offering the ultimate total body workout, this arm bars are also designed to accommodate different grip positions and provide your upper body the much needed exercise.

Each of the power incline included on the ellipticals boasts of 30 settings. Also important to note is that you have a selection of 10 workout programs to choose from in every elliptical.

You will also be lucky to listen to your favorite music using the ellipticals’ MP3 compatibility and integrated speakers. Some other brands such as Precor or NordicTrack boast some of the best displays and audio system you will ever come across in a rower.

Other common features in Sole Ellipticals include:

  • Adjustable strides
  • Ergonomic pedals
  • Commercial grade steel frames


Due to their reliable warranties, Sole as a brand has been able to win the confidence of many trainers. Even though it depends with the price, you will hardly be left disappointed when you buy one. The Sole E35, Sole E95 and Sole E98 offer a lifetime warranty for the frame while the parts are given a 5-year warranty and labor, a 2-year warranty.

Brand’s Weak Points

There’s too much that you can dislike about this brand but one area of concern you might have already noticed is the limited number of workout programs. It’s also sad to note that you cannot be able to download any new programs on this machine.

With their long stride length of up to 22′, users that are a bit of a shorter height will not find it comfortable to use this machine,


In a market chocked with dozens of half-baked brands, Sole stands tall as one of the few brands you can trust any day.  On top of coming at a good price, you will have an easy time operating them. With the assistance and care from their customer care team, you can be sure of almost zero disappointing moments when you use any of Sole’s products. You can easily make your order for the brand any day on Amazon.

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