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Paradigm Health and Wellness, Inc. is a name so familiar in the fitness, wellness and health industry.  If you ask around for the leading supplier of fitness machines globally, you will definitely hear them mentioned. Part of their major role includes designing, developing, and manufacturing quality Exerpeutic products. Since 2007, when the brand made its first entry into the market, Exerpeutic has remained a preferable choice for exercise equipment’s perfect for home use, ranging from ellipticals, treadmills, and recumbent bikes to upright bikes, training cycles and many other products.

Very few brands can pride themselves in being able to meet the needs and solve problems facing consumers in the health and fitness industry yet here’s where Exerpeutic shines. On top of housing some of the most affordable ellipticals you will come across, the brand also incorporates the latest technologies in their products.

A huge share of the popularity stems from their low prices. You might be tempted to think that the lower prices comes with a lot of compromise but that’s the fact is that their products still offer very high quality. In consumer tests, most of their fitness machines get great scores and positive feedback.

One thing you need to remember nonetheless is that with the low prices, don’t expect to get all the fancy features of the more expensive machines.

Exerpeutic Ellipticals

Both the brand’s parent site, the Exerpeutic site, and Amazon offer different elliptical models from the brand. Each of these platforms keep a different assortment of elliptical models from Exerpeutic so if you set out looking for an Exerpeutic elliptical trainer, ensure you thumb through all these places.

On the brand’s site, you can access the Exerpeutic 1304 model which is a mid-tier elliptical that packs 15 resistance levels, 21″ stride, dual action arms and a set of other great features. Exerpeutic 650 is also another brand you will come across on their site which retails for $100 and packs 16 resistance levels, 23″ stride, 12 workout programs amongst other good features.

On Amazon, the Exerpeutic 1000XI is the most popular of all its models, having collected over 600 reviews. Other models you will come across include the Aero Air and Exerpeutic 5000. The Aero Air is also popular due to its low price and solid workout.

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Lack of bulky frames and other heavy-duty components make models from this brand compact and also less expensive. Storing them is easy making them perfect for people short on space in their homes. Exerpeutic has mainly focused on production of fitness machines that offer a safe and comfortable workout.

Quiet and smooth motion

Every elliptical machine from Exerpeutic makes use of a well-balanced flywheel propelled by simple belt drives. Resistance for this machines is generated from magnetic force as opposed to friction. Blending all these features together gives one of the quietest and smoothest workout experiences around.

Exerpeutic Brand’s Weaknesses

Lack of essential components in some models due to the low price is a fact that many don’t feel impressed with. Whereas many of the brand’s models offer a solid workout, it’s clear that that is the most you will ever get out of them. Another thing is the warranty. Even though the products are quite cheap, a 1 year warranty doesn’t sound like a fair thing to an elliptical machine.


If what you are after is an affordable elliptical trainer that can offer a solid workout for a price as low as $100, then look out for the Exerpeutic brand. With their low budget trainers, you will be able to exercise efficiently and achieve great results without emptying your pockets.

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