Nautilus Elliptical Reviews


Founded in 1972, Nautilus brand has garnered a reputation as the undisputed king of strength training. With the Nautilus brand, what you hear is what you get. Not many brands can assist you to achieve maximum results within the least amount of time you can imagine of which is why this brand remains a leader in the fitness industry.

Training goals have never been same for each of us but it’s interesting to note that Nautilus fitness machines can satisfy any user regardless of their training goals.

In order to create a fitness machine, this brand always pours in the much-needed resources in the medical and sports areas and also takes in the feedback of different users so as to ensure that they bring forth what would amount to a top notch product.

The fact that many professional sports teams, military organizations, medical facilities and wellness centers have adopted this brand speaks for itself.

Nautilus Elliptical Trainers

Schwinn and Bowflex brands which are also common brands in the fitness machine’s industry are all under the Nautilus Inc. Company. Nautilus as a brand falls under the same company as well.

Nautilus has in the past created brands that didn’t impress a lot and were discontinued.  Such models as the EV716 Pro and the NE3000 were part of those that were discontinued.

Today, their collection of models under the brand name Nautilus include the E614, E514C, and E616. Having focused on producing only elliptical machines, you can expect these models to be a reflection of their effort and research.

In their respective price categories, these models, particularly the E616 and E614 easily come out as the only models with a dozen quality features. For instance, the E616 model packs 29 workout programs whereas the E614 packs 22 workout programs. Looking at ellipticals priced under $1000, you will hardly come across an elliptical packing such a huge number of workout programs.

The E514C comes equipped with 20 workout programs, 16 levels of resistance, oversized console, large footpads, and a slew of other great features that put it at a great position to compete with other models in its class.

When it comes to the use of technology, these models also pack some of the latest tech features. The E614 comes equipped with a dual screen setup and a ton of computerized features to support it. The E616 features a Bluetooth connection, a USB charging port, a nutrition app and so many other features.

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Common Features of Nautilus Elliptical Trainers

  • Commercial grade frames
  • Customizable workout programs
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Ergonomic handlebars and footplates
  • Affordable prices


Whereas many brands today offer a lifetime warranty on frames for most of their elliptical models, Nautilus remains one of the few brands that hasn’t ventured into this trend. Most of their warranties average 10 years or thereabouts.

Brand’s Weak Areas

You will realize that one of the areas that need a lot of improvement on this brand is their set of warranties. For some users, this could be a turning point.

Other areas include stability and assembly. A good number of users admit that putting up the models from this brand wasn’t that easy as they expected. Some also cited an issue with stability which can be attributed to its light flywheel.


You can’t disagree with the fact that the Nautilus brand features some of the best elliptical trainers of our times. Having been around for many years and still carrying the same reputation of a trusted brand in strength training equipment, Nautilus easily qualifies as a brand to beat. If what you wish for is a fitness machine that’s strong, affordable and able to give a remarkable performance, then this is the brand you should go for.

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