Schwinn Elliptical Reviews


When Schwinn was founded, more than a hundred years ago, no one could imagine it would rise to become one of the most revolutionary fitness brands of our times. In its initial years, Schwinn mainly majored in the production of bicycles. Much of what we actually see in a modern bicycle has its roots in inventions kicked forth by Schwinn.

Come 1965, Schwinn set its foot into the world of fitness by starting the production of in-home fitness machines. But it wasn’t until 2014 that Schwinn ventured into production of ellipticals.

Right now, even though they offer a wide range of exercise products, their elliptical machines continues to garner domination the world over as the ultimate workout machine. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced user, Schwinn ellipticals will leave you with an experience worth your time and money.

Key Features of Schwinn Ellipticals and other products

Diverse and Intelligent Programs

Schwinn ellipticals, for instance, carry more programs than average ellipticals. Whereas many ellipticals carry an average of 12 programs, Schwinn ellipticals carry up to 30 programs. A unique thing about this programs is that they are very diverse, right from customized workout tests, heart rate monitors to tons of other intelligent workout related programs. While using it, you will have so much at your disposal that will make your workout effective.

Magnetic resistance

Another key feature of Schwinn products is their revolutionary brake system that utilizes magnets to generate resistance. If ever there’s a form of resistance that gives the smoothest rides ever, then magnetic resistance takes the crown. Better still, you will have so little to maintain since this form of resistance doesn’t carry many parts.

Ease of use, comfort and safety

A common feature of all Schwinn fitness machines is that they are quite comfortable and you will have pretty easy time using them. Some of the features that make them so comfortable include their neutral position,  handlebar design, water bottle holders, small shelves for keeping your iPod or MP3 player, just to name but a few.

Putting the machine together and going ahead to use it is nothing but a piece of cake. Operating the programs is also a quick and easy task if you read and understand well the instructions.

When it comes to safety, everything is well taken of by the fact the machines offer not only a low impact but total body workout implying that you will be far away from suffering an injury or feeling fatigued after a workout.

Top reviewed Schwinn Ellipticals

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Schwinn Fit System

When it comes to design and construction, Schwinn is amongst the few brands that stick out. Some of the models like the Schwinn 520 come with a seat and well-designed footpath that relieves not only your joints but also your waistline of the weight and pressure common with workouts.  Schwinn elliptical machines also lean in a very comfortable position perfect for keeping your posture in check and ensuring every inch of your muscles is well taken care of.

Some of the top models belonging to Schwinn that continue to garner a great reputation in the world of fitness include the Schwinn A40Schwinn 430 Elliptical and Schwinn 470. You can find more about each of them by checking their full reviews here [Insert link to reviews]

Common Innovative Features in Schwinn Ellipticals

  • Schwinn DualTrack Display Monitor- An LCD display window that is divided into two so as to make display and sharing of information efficient.
  • Solid construction- Ever wondered why Schwinn ellipticals have a high maximum user weight capacity? Well, it’s due to their sturdy, strong and durable frame.
  • Innovative Handlebars- One common thing with many of Schwinn Ellipticals machine’s handlebar is that they pack a grip that comes equipped with a heart rate monitor.
  • Intelligent tailor-made programs- All ellipticals from Schwinn come equipped with programs that you can fine-tune to your own preference.
  • Stride length and incline- Many of the models come with an automatic 10 -degree incline and a stride length as long as 20″ which implies that Schwinn ellipticals make a perfect choice for almost all types of users.

Schwinn’s weak points

In many of Schwinn’s models, the pedals aren’t adjustable which is quite a limitation if you compare it to its closer rivals. Also, compared to other brands that double up as close rivals, Schwinn scores low when it comes to warranty. Whereas some brands offer a lifetime warranty on the frames and a considerable warranty on other parts, Schwinn hardly has an elliptical that come with a lifetime frame warranty.


As I mentioned earlier, Schwinn is a household name in the world of fitness and cycling which also puts it as one of the most reliable brand. Even though they offer a wide range of fitness products, Schwinn ellipticals count as one of the most popular and continue to amass fantastic reviews day after day. When you want an elliptical that packs dozens of intelligent features and offers one of the smoothest rides ever, turn over to Schwinn ellipticals.

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