Schwinn A40 Review

Schwinn A40 Review

Many of us hold the view that what’s old is old not unless we are talking of wine. And when old looks good to us, we brand it vintage. So like wine, the Schwinn A40 has gotten so much better with age. Call it vintage if you want, this machine is any trainer’s treasured pet. When it comes to aesthetics, Schwinn A40 delights the eyes without much effort and with its compact design, you will be able to save enough space in your room.

So is it a better option for you? Does it have a few hidden flaws? Well, it’s time to find all these out.


Product Description

When they created it, Schwinn nicknamed this model a no-nonsense trainer. But for it to touted as one, it definitely had a number of features to show for it. Many entry level elliptical machines don’t pack so much into their tiny spaces so let’s see what Schwinn A40 brings.

Resistance and Incline

Schwinn A40 comes equipped with an electromagnetic brake system.  What this implies is that it has a fixed brake pad and to adjust the machine’s tension, you have to do it via the console. To cut off wear and tear, the flywheel was designed never to come into contact with the brake.

Operating the machine’s 8 levels of resistance will require that you connect it to a power supply. At the lower resistance levels, the resistance is hardly felt while at the highest levels, you will face mild resistance. To put it simply, this machine is a perfect selection for intermediate and beginners.

Schwinn A40 doesn’t come with any incline settings. Instead, the creators gave it ergonomic handles that work to support your different workouts and assist you to achieve the same effect you would have gained with an incline adjustment.

Console Unit

A40’s console is pretty decent for its price. It packs 7 workouts and a multifunction LCD display. Part of its workout programs include mountains, fun rides, and other challenges.

Workout data to expect from this console include:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Calories burned
  • Pulse

Other amenities also included on the console include:

  • A sound system
  • EGK pulse sensors
  • MP3, iPod, Tablet, Smartphone compatibility
  • Media tray
  • Cup/ bottle holder

Build quality/design

Part of Schwinn’s A40’s sturdy construction includes a 2-piece frame made of steel and supported by 6 levelers. Users weighing as high as 300lbs admit to having used this machine without experiencing any issue which is enough evidence to show for its toughness. Stability is taken care of by the machine’s heavier weight (90lbs/41kg)

A40’s drive mechanism is sealed by a solid plastic that’s not only tough but aesthetically pleasing. A perimeter weighted flywheel propelled by a heavy duty v-belt add to the stability and ensure a smooth workout.

Keep in mind that the 6 levelers fixed at the base of the machine’s frame help in enhancing the stability.


Convenience was a key factor when designing this machine and this is evident by the fact  that its mobile handlebars form a steady curve that enables different grip angles when one is working out. The fixed handlebars as always pack a heart rate sensor for keeping track of your pulse rate.

As a front drive elliptical, designers of this machine could not afford to leave out fixing it with articulating footplates. So in order to reduce the impact on your joints, the footplates articulate when you work out. This movement will also assist your feet to keep a running motion that’s more natural.

Comfort has also been enhanced for users as tall as 6′ by giving the machine a stride length of 17.5″. Another great thing is that you can adjust the machine’s height to compensate the lack of uniformity in the floor.

Assembly and Warranty

Schwinn has for many years kept the reputation of having the most comprehensive instructions. Following these instructions is as easy as ABC. In less than an hour, you will have your machine ready and probably start off your first workout on it.  Many people who’ve bought the machine also admit they had it easy putting it together.

As for the warranty, here’s what to expect:

  • Frame- 2-year warranty
  • Electrical parts- 6-montth warranty
  • Wear parts- 30-day warranty


Schwinn A40, Exerpeutic 5000, and Schwinn 470 are three of the best mid-tier ellipticals in the market today.

Schwinn A40 and Exerpeutic 5000 come so close to each other when it comes to pricing, with only a few dollars between them. Exerpeutic features more resistance levels and workouts than Schwinn and also a couple of additional features like the Mobile App Tracking. Schwinn, on the other hand, is more compact and of very superior quality. Deciding which one to have is mostly a question of performance.

Schwinn 470, a sister model to Schwinn A40 also gives it a run for its money. Whereas Schwinn A40 is pretty cheap, Schwinn 470 packs more workout programs, a more advanced console, more user profiles and so much more to compensate for the price difference. Deciding which one to own between these two models will likely depend on how much you are willing to spend to own an elliptical machine.