Discover How to Find The Best Elliptical Machine

Let’s admit it, you must have come across the multiple brands and models available today and got spoilt for choice. Or you simply didn’t know how to tell them apart and narrow down to the one that fits you best. That’s understandable and we’ve taken it upon us to take your troubles away.

Great elliptical trainers cost upwards of $2000 but cost isn’t the only thing you should consider. Still, there are those that cost lesser than that yet can almost match the performance of those on the higher side of the price range.

So we’ll take a look at all the factors that will help you choose only the right and best elliptical machine for your needs.


Most elliptical trainers measure 6 feet long and about 2 ½ feet wide. However, some can measure up to 84-inches. So while shopping for one, have your height measurements ready just so that you will find one that fits you right.

Put in mind that while operating the equipment, the pedals may go beyond the machine’s length so ensure there’s enough space for both the machine and yourself. Also, ensure there’s enough distance between your ceiling and the floor since elliptical trainers tend to have a higher elevation.

Intensity of exercise

All elliptical machines utilize variable resistance. So while selecting one, put into consideration your level of fitness (beginner, intermediate and expert). Check the machine’s lowest resistance level to see if it’s within your limits and ensure it offers a sufficient challenge as you move up the resistance levels. A couple of machines also bear an adjustable incline. It can either be manual or automated.

Advanced features

Technology keeps on soaring to new heights and ellipticals aren’t left behind. Nowadays, you could get an elliptical machine that is linked to the cloud to let you do things such as access to dozens of exercise programs, workout tracking, social networks and so on. Some even come with built-in browsers, Bluetooth settings, USB ports for connection to other devices as well as wireless connectivity. You can use this features to enhance your training in several ways


Elliptical trainers come in different designs. Some are compact and will have wheels or the ability to fold while there are those that have neither. This means you will have to take into consideration the location of the flywheel. If it’s at the back, it means the machine is hardly compact enough and you also will face difficulties transporting it. If the flywheel is in the front, the machine will be more compact and easy to transport. Some will be foldable. Same also applies to those with the flywheel at the center.

Operational features

Three of the most important operational features you should check out before making your final purchase include the resistance system, the break system, and the flywheel’s weight. Eddy current brake systems that utilize magnets to generate resistance are the best. As for resistance systems, electronic magnetic systems are a preferred option due to their simplicity and efficiency. Electromagnetic brake systems, on the other hand, are better than the manual ones when it comes to efficiency.

Your Budget

Just how much are you ready to part with in order to own an elliptical machine? Price mostly varies with features. Trainers with more advanced features cost higher than those with basic features. However, if you simply want a basic elliptical trainer, that will cost you around $500.  You can still find cheaper models but before deciding to buy one, carefully examine their quality based on the factors we’ve mentioned. The high-end models start at $1500 going upwards.

Besides those we’ve listed, other important factors to keep in mind include:

  • Does the trainer have any safety features?
  • Warranty
  • Does it have an adjustable incline?
  • Is the movement natural?
  • Does the machine have adjustable resistance?
  • Is it quiet during operation?

All these factors combined will help you to make the right decision in choosing an elliptical trainer that fits your needs and requirements. Carefully examine them and thereafter take a look at top elliptical trainers to see which one suits your best.

Happy Shopping

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