Sole E25 Review

Buying high-end elliptical machines will often break your bank but for a good reason. So if you ever make up your mind and decide that investing in a great workout machine is a good idea, let Sole Fitness E25 start off your shopping list.

It’s not hard to tell that more time, effort and energy was put into designing Sole Fitness E25. The machine’s stride length, maximum user weight capacity, resistance levels and workout options were all designed to be great. For this machine, your level of training doesn’t matter because it was made for everyone.

In Sole’s E class of machines, Sole E25 is the lowest of them all but don’t let that deceive you. Read on to find out what exactly this machine is all about.

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Sole New 2019 E25 Elliptical
Reviewed as simply the best elliptical under $1000. "Quality Under $1000 Made Possible By Sole". Easy to use electronic console with a vibrant white back lit LCD display. Includes a built-in cooling ...
Start from: $899.99
Last price update: 2019-12-02 12:24:40
8.2 Total Score

One thing that is very clear about Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical trainer is that it's able to deliver on all its promises. It packs remarkable strength and the ability to deliver a smooth, quiet and natural elliptical motion. Its combination of features matches well to its price and so what you get for its price is great value for your money. Not forgetting to mention that it's a durable machine which is expressed by its decent warranties, particularly the lifetime frame warranty. So a good way to work up a sweat and shave off a few extra pounds is by visiting Amazon, looking this elliptical machine up and making your order for it today.

Display console
Value for money
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Decent warranty
  • Quiet and smooth elliptical motion
  • Console telemetry enabled
  • Diverse workout options
  • Considerably long stride
  • Quite difficult to assemble
  • No online connectivity
  • Heavy to move around

Product description

Over the years, Sole elliptical trainers have set the standard as being comfortable, durable, flexible, and priced well enough to match what they bring. Even though the overabundance of features is not the best thing about them, you can’t take for granted what these features can do to your workout. So here’s a detailed look at them.

Resistance and Incline

Just like its sister models, the Sole E25 comes equipped with an eddy current brake. Adjusting the resistance is an automatic process as you only need to tap the controls on the console or the keys on the mobile arms.  If you decide to use the pre-programmed apps, everything else will be taken care of without your involvement.

Sole E25 packs 20 levels of resistance all of them custom tailored to match your workout needs. For lower workouts, you have the lower resistance levels while for intense workouts, the higher resistance levels will take care of everything.

Note that for you to use the resistance levels, you must ensure that you’ve powered the console by connecting it to a power source.

For the incline, you have a total of 20 levels of power incline that will allow you to vary your workouts based on your training goals.

Console Unit

On Sole E35’s console, you have a 6.5 ” LCD display illuminated with a blue backlight to enhance readability and 10 workout programs to diversify your training.

On the display, you can collect a number of workout data including:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Watts
  • Distance
  • Work level
  • Calories burned

On this very easy to use console, you also a have a number of amenities which include:

  • A cooling fan
  • Built-in speakers
  • Quick start feature
  • Water bottle holder
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Pre-programmed workouts are known to make workouts far more effective and fun and on this machine’s console, the programs are designed to not only enhance your fitness level but also speed up the weight loss process. Also important to note is that the console is telemetry enabled.

Build quality and design

Build quality is actually one of the most profound features you will ever see on this machine. The machine packs a solid frame made of heavy-duty steel (34mm) which perhaps explains why it can take hard punishment and a weight of up to 350lbs.  Its 24 lbs flywheel adds to this toughness and largely ensures that the elliptical motion is smooth and quiet.  The rails onto which the two rear wheels ride are also heavy-duty which again adds to the stability and toughness of the machine. Like other Sole Elliptical trainers, the machine has 3 bases each fixed with rubber caps to enhance stability.

For the drive system, the machine features a front-drive design that is not only quiet but also equipped with the capacity to enable both forward and backward paddling.


Knowing that each of us has their own walking style, the machine was equipped with oversized and articulating footplates so as to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes, and also our different movements. On top of that, they also protect your toes from numbing and also the sore Achilles tendons.  Another great feature of the footplates is the 2-degree inward slope that helps to reduce the impact on your knee and ankles.

Since the machine packs a power adjustable incline the stride length is not exactly fixed, it ranges between 20″-22″ which is a length long enough to accommodate users of different heights.

Assembly and warranty

Sole E35 comes with a comprehensive and easy to follow instructional manual to help make the process of assembling the machine easier. It’s important to note that the process of putting this machine together is, to an extent, difficult and can be quite time-consuming. You will have so many pieces to take care of.  But a maximum of two hours is enough to have the machine ready.

As for the warranty, here’s what to expect:

  • Frame -Lifetime
  • Electronics and parts- 3-year warranty
  • Labor-1 year warranty


In its category, Sole E25 takes pride in being one of the few ellipticals that come with a power incline and sturdier construction, on top of other great features. But its sister model, Sole E35 keeps giving Sole E25 a run for its money. Even though the two are just a few hundred dollars apart, both of them have a similar number of workout programs, resistance levels, and similar features such as stride length and power incline. However, E35 has a better set of warranties, a heavier flywheel giving it more resistance, and a higher user weight capacity which perhaps explains its higher price.

Another trainer that comes so close to Sole E25 is the ProForm 935E. 935E has more resistance levels and workout programs than Sole E25. It’s also a little cheaper and has more tech-friendly features than Sole E25. For the user weight capacity, both have a similar limit and both of them also pack a more sturdy and solid construction and a similar set of warranties.

Deciding which one to own between these three will actually depend partly on brand loyalty and largely on how you like your budget.

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Sole New 2019 E25 Elliptical
Reviewed as simply the best elliptical under $1000. "Quality Under $1000 Made Possible By Sole". Easy to use electronic console with a vibrant white back lit LCD display. Includes a built-in cooling ...
Start from: $899.99
Last price update: 2019-12-02 12:24:40

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