Sole E98 Elliptical Review

Sole E98 Elliptical Review

If you are in the fitness business professionally this is the machine that you would likely recommend to anyone looking for the best home gym elliptical trainer.

The reason you would select the Sole E98 is that it is also used in gyms and is a favorite with gym members.

The Sole E98 Elliptical trainer is much more than your run of the mill cross trainer, it is a trainer that can be both used commercially and for home use. 

The Sole E98 bristles with technology and design that provides the user with the best possible experience and workouts available on the market today.

The E98 elliptical trainer eclipses other trainers because of the incredible design and builds quality incorporated by Sole.

How many design teams of elliptical trainers work alongside professional physiotherapists to give their clients a safe exercising experience.

The good news is that sole does undertake these practices when designing their elliptical trainers.


New console and other upgrades

Other notable changes from Soles’ other elliptical trainers is the 10.1 inch LCD display that is industry-leading. Unlike the other Sole elliptical trainers, the display screen of the E98 can be angled to suit the user’s vision, as with all Sole machines the display screen has a height adjustment to accommodate a wide range of user heights.

Workout programs can be accessed via the 10.1″ console screen or the user’s own mobile device (iOS or Android) should you chose to install the Sole Fitness app.  There are ten customizable choices available such as manual mode, two tier-designed workouts, two workouts controlled by heart rate, and five classics Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, interval training and strength training.

The E98 has an upgraded integral tablet holder for easier use, Bluetooth speakers are a welcome addition to make playing your best tunes easy while working out.

The cooling fan has also been upgraded for better airflow across the user when on the machine.

This light commercial machine can handle 400 Lbs. of weight so even the biggest athletes can maximize their workout potential on the E98.

The all-new articulated pedal designs are innovative, the pedals are oversized for the comfort of all user sizes and the articulated pedals prevent stress injuries. These changes have been made with the consultation of sports and fitness professional physiotherapists.

Magnetic resistance

This can be found on other Sole elliptical machines but it’s worth talking about again because it plays such a huge part in the development of the fitness routine.

Combined with the 34 Lbs. flywheel the magnetic resistance delivers precise control when setting how difficult you want you’re to work out to be. There is no snatching at the flywheel and the resistance can be applied progressively.

The magnetic resistance is an incredible tool for endurance and resistance training, over time you will notice your fitness levels improving and the lactic acid build-up decreasing allowing the user faster recovery times.

The E98 has the standard 20 incline positions for increasing the intensity of selected workout program, there are so many variables with both the 10 onboard pre-programmed workout setting and the 20 incline levels that the user will never become bored.

The biomechanics of the machine can accommodate larger users who may wish to start their workout regimes on a gentle and more leisurely elliptical work out.

Sole E98 build quality

Like all other sole elliptical trainers, you can expect craftsmanship and a well-engineered and thoughtfully designed elliptical cross trainer.

For extra stability, this machine has been upgraded with four wheels at the back of the unit to prevent side to side movement given it s4 00 Lbs. bio-mechanical capabilities.

Again as with all Sole elliptical trainers, you receive an excellent warranty that sets the bar for all competitors. The E98 has one minor change to the warranty. The E98 can be used in a light commercial setting say a hotel gym and still be covered under the warranty.

Assembling your Sole E98

 Minimal tools are required only a long and short Phillips head screwdriver to wrenches 13 and 14 mm. Please do not connect the unit to the power supply until fully assembled.

The assembly manual is straightforward and if you take your time you should be up and running in an hour.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Electronics: 5 Years
  • Parts: 5 Years
  • Labor: 2 Years
  • The frame (Light Commercial): Lifetime
  • Electronics (Light Commercial): 3 Years
  • Parts (Light Commercial): 3 Years
  • Labor (Light Commercial): 1 Year

 Alternatives to the Sole E98

Here are a number of choices like Bowflex and Nordic Track, which are both fine machines and have a great reputation for providing excellent value for money. However, the Sole E98 is ranked at the number one spot and is cheaper.