ProForm 935E Review

ProForm 935E Review

ProForm is a brand so familiar with almost all trainers reason being that they create some of the best elliptical trainers of our times. When you want to get in shape and cut off a couple of pounds, ProForm 935E is the machine you should keep close.

In a market awash with new and innovative elliptical machines, ProForm 935E effortlessly muscles its way into the front largely because it packs a huge amount of features into its tiny space and you get all of these at a great price.

With this machine, you have an extensive range of exercise options and cardio solutions made suitable not only for your home but gym as well. On Amazon, the machine has collected mixed reactions so it would be great to unpack it so we can tell the truth here once and for all.

Product Description

There’s always been a strong connection between the ProForm brand and build quality. You will see this aspect come out in all their fitness machines. As for the rest of the features, they hardly disappoint. But is the same reflected in this model? Let’s find out.

Resistance and incline

Many old ellipticals have been known to use friction in regulating the resistance but ProForm 935 E, even though a bit old, makes use of magnetic resistance to challenge your workout. With the support of a heavier flywheel, the resistance has been made smooth and so for its 24 levels of resistance, expect a consistent and comfortable workout throughout your workouts.

To activate this resistance, you will need to power the machine. You can adjust the resistance either via the console or even through an iPhone if you happen to own one. Low resistance levels have been designed to offer less intense workouts whereas the high resistance levels are there to keep your workout as intense as you would like it to get.

The machine also comes with a power adjustable incline so as to keep your workout diverse as possible. Keep in mind that you can adjust all these features via the machine’s console

Console Unit

Like the high end elliptical trainers, ProForm 935E features an advanced console with a set of excellent workout programs. You can watch your progress on its 7″ full-color touchscreen display. On top of that, you have a staggering 30 workout programs to choose from when training on this machine.

Expect to obtain a number of workout data from it including:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Pulse rate
  • Speed
  • Calorie burned
  • Revolutions per minute

One amazing feature you will fall in love with on this machine’s console is the iFit workout screen on which you can observe the routes you choose to run, including the country side, hills, name it. But note that subscribing to the iFit feature will cost you around $10 a month.

Other amenities included on this console include:

  • Hear rate monitor
  • Water bottle holder
  • iPod compatible audio
  • CoolAire Workout fan

Build quality/ Design

As with any ProForm brand, this machine’s frame is made of steel which is relatively heavy so as to enhance some toughness and stability. Overall, the machine’s build quality is enhanced by the commercial-grade steel construction. Users with weights higher than 300lbs can still enjoy their training on this machine without seeing it wobble.

Part of the machine’s design includes a three piece crank that turns the flywheel’s circular motion into one of the smoothest elliptical motions. Another great feature is the rear-drive system. Such a system is a perfect fit for people who look to getting in shape, toning up or enhancing their stamina.

Not forgetting to mention the front folding design which is a feature that’s there to ensure you save as enough space as you possibly can when using this machine.


Comfort on ProForm 935E can be seen demonstrated in so many ways. For the stride length, you can adjust it between 18″ and 20″ which is actually a length long enough to accommodate users of different heights.

Presence of a three piece crank, which we mentioned earlier, leads to the creation of a good motion workout that doesn’t bounce up and down. With the help of this feature, you will also experience less impact on your knees which implies that you can comfortably workout on this machine for even longer hours.

The machine also has both fixed and mobile handlebars. Even though you can’t adjust them, their curved design and angled padding enhance the grip and add comfort to your workout. When it comes to the footplates, they have been designed to be large so as to accommodate feet of all sizes and shape. For extra adherence and to assist your feet not to slip off during a workout, the machine’s footplates come with a ribbed design.

Assembly and Warranty

Just like many other ellipticals, ProForm 935E doesn’t come fully assembled and so you will need to put in some effort in screwing some of the remaining parts together. Being a heavy machine, you might need the help of one or two people to help you with some of the assembling tasks. In practice, the process of putting this machine together is quite simple and it shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes to have it ready.

As for the warranty, here’s what you should expect:

  • Frame -Lifetime warranty
  • Parts- 3-year warranty
  • Labor- 1-year warranty


ProForm 935E hasn’t been spared of competition from the other top performers in its category.

Sole Fitness E35 comes so close and one major reason why it keeps edging out ProForm 935E is because of its popularity. It’s a fact that ProForm 935E has an overabundance of features, right from the workouts and resistance level to the folding design and online connectively which Sole Fitness E35 lacks except for its longer stride length, higher user weight capacity and an attractive set of warranty. E35 has a slightly higher price than that of 935E.

Another great alternative is the Nautilus E616 Elliptical. When it comes to the workout programs and resistance levels, the difference between the two is so tiny. Both have an advanced console, similar stride length, and a slew of other features. However, Nautilus E616 gets a little edge over 953E when it comes to computerized features which is backed by its Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging port. When it comes to price, Nautilus E616 is again the cheapest.

What’s difficult now is deciding which trainer to own between these three seeing that each of them is unique on its own way and still popular amongst many trainers even with their price differences.