Nautilus E618 Review

Nautilus E618 Review

Fitness and technology didn’t seem like a perfect combination until workout gadgets and equipment started springing out in the market. But nothing still compares to state-of-the-art excellence that Nautilus delivers with the E618.

The Nautilus E618 is part of the brand’s Performance Series; a collection of gym equipment that aims to provide proper cardio training in the comforts of your home. First introduced in 2016, this elliptical trainer wowed fitness enthusiasts the world over for its powerful features and advanced technology. Now approaching its fourth year, the Nautilus E618 is much capable of giving its market rivals a run for their money.


Console Features

The most notable feature of the Nautilus E618 is its console unit. It is specially designed to make training more efficient for you at home. The blue-backlit LCD monitor displays 29 Nautilus training programs, including targeted programs for heart rate training and weight loss training. E618 also comes with customizable training options – that is if you start getting bored with the same routines.

The built-in telemetry in the console unit of the E618 is what truly sets it apart from other elliptical trainers in the Performance Series line. Nautilus EG18 also has a telemetered monitor and chest strap to monitor heart rate while working out to manage your every session.

Smart technology

The Nautilus E618 also keeps up with the times through its free mobile application where you can track your progress wherever you are. You don’t have to be in front of the elliptical at home if you want to check out your speed, time, and calories burned during your previous sessions. Nautilus designed its own tracking app where your workout data is stored – making it easy to track, view, or share with coaches and workout buddies.

Its Bluetooth connectivity and USB port also allow you to seamlessly transfer data from other training apps, while also letting you charge your devices without a hitch.

Ease of Use

Working out is tiring enough as it is. Because of that, Nautilus designed the E618 in such a way that you no longer have to deal with equipment that’s not user-friendly.

The overall design of the machine is built around the idea of comfort. This explains the console’s tilting capability for a better view and less glare while training. Speed and incline buttons can also be easily accessed even in the middle of a routine, while the 3-speed cooling fan helps regulate your temperature.

Foot Suspension and Cushioning

Equipped with its very own Suspension Adjust™ Performance Cushioning System, the Nautilus E618 ensures that the footplate sits on a tailored angle between 0 and 10 degrees and offers customized heel support in the pedals. Users can also benefit from the motorized incline that can either be raised or lowered from 0 to 15 degrees with the simple touch of a button.

Stride length is at 22 inches, which is the average for taller users, while the rails on both sides effectively distribute the weight of each stride for improved balance and stability.

With its dual wheels that flawlessly glides on rails, reverse pedaling is possible without compromising your stability. This is ideal when you want to do a variety of routines on the elliptical, and it does not affect the console’s ability to track your performance.

Body and Frame

In terms of E618’s framework, there are also a lot of things that make it an ideal choice. It comes with multi-position handlebars that help you find the handgrip that’s most comfortable for you, while the smartly positioned grip heart rate allows you to monitor your heart rate without limiting your movements on the elliptical. If you’re not using the chest strap, it can also be monitored by the stainless-steel pulse sensors in the handlebar.

Incline and resistance controls make it possible to adjust the level of intensity of your workouts, which is a great idea for when you’re training for athletic events or competitions. This complements the 29 preset training programs that you can access through the console.

Beneath the machine, you can find two integrated levelers that ensure the stability of your feet throughout the entire training session. An oversized crossbar tubing is also included to provide added stability and safety.

Machine specifications

The Nautilus E618 runs on 25 levels of computer-controlled resistance that provides a wide range of workout options depending on your preferred intensity. A weighted flywheel also helps you work out as smoothly and quietly as possible.

Assembly and Warranty

Like the other variants of the Nautilus in the Performance Series line, the E618 pretty much has the same number of parts that need to be assembled. This means it also takes about an hour to complete the assembly and get started on your regular cardio training. When you’re tired of staring at the same view while working out at home, the Nautilus E618’s transport wheels will help you move the machine from one place to another without breaking a sweat.

In terms of the warranty, each part has a specific timeframe:

  • Frame – 15 years
  •  Mechanical parts – 3 years
  • Electronics – 3 years
  • Labor – 1 year

The Nautilus E618 has dimensions of 73” L x 27” W x 67” H and, when assembled, weighs 210 lbs. This structure makes the machine perfectly capable of supporting users to as much as 350 lbs. But with three base bars and large stabilizers, it wouldn’t be surprising if this machine is able to support more weight without any signs of wobbling.