Horizon EX-57 Review

Horizon EX-57 Review

New trends in technology always usher in a fresh revolution and the elliptical market hasn’t been spared. But even with the support of new technology, few elliptical trainers ever make it to the top like the Horizon EX-57.

Even though it doesn’t promise a gym-like experience, Horizon EX-57 is a decent entry level machine that guarantees a worthwhile workout. On top of being affordable, the machine is well-built and capable of offering a smooth elliptical motion.

To put it simply, everything you ever hope to find in a quality machine has been packed into this machine, from the workouts and resistance levels to the design, decent warranties and so many other features. In our review, we’ve unveiled everything there’s to know about this machine.


Product Description

Horizon Fitness has a list of several models under their EX series with EX-57 being the lowest of them all. Even though they share a number of features, there’s always something specific about each model that distinguishes it from the rest. So here’s our chance to find out what makes Horizon EX-57 special.

Resistance and Incline

Make no mistake, Horizon EX-57 has the capacity to put you through a challenging workout as you select between its 8 levels of resistance. To adjust the resistance, you only need to tap the controls on the console or select any of its pre-programmed work out apps that involves the use of resistance. When you work out on this machine, you will experience constant resistance, thanks to its magnetic brake technology.

Even though the machine doesn’t pack any incline settings, this doesn’t mean that its performance has to an extent been compromised. You will soon discover that the machine has a number of additional features that compensate for this.

Console Unit

Not many elliptical machines in this category come equipped with a console as advanced as that of Horizon EX-57. One of its key elements is the crisp LCD display that clearly presents all the relevant workout data.  To diversity your training, the console has a total of 9 workout programs all of them customized to match your needs.

Some of the workout data you will collect on this console include:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Resistance level
  • Calories burned
  • Pulse rate

Other amenities that come included on the console unit include:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water bottle holder
  • Tablet tray

Unfortunately, you will have difficulties reading the information on the console when in low light conditions due to the lack of a backlight, which is a feature known to enhance readability.

Build quality/ Design

Part of the machine’s tough build-quality includes a 14.3lbs flywheel which due to its heavy-duty nature helps in giving a smooth and quiet elliptical motion. As for the frame, it’s very solid and strong enough to reduce unwarranted movement and enhance stability.

Having been designed to be a front-drive machine, some users have complained about this feature while admitting to experiencing issues with their backs, especially the pain and to an extent, difficulty in using the machine.


When it was designed, Horizon gave all they could afford to make this machine the most comfortable thing you will ever have. For the stride, the machine has a longer stride (18″) enough to make any user regardless of their level of training feel more unrestricted and natural. You can use this machine in any room even if you have one those ceilings that are about to make contact with the floor.

Stepping on and off the machine’s pedals is as simple and easy as eating pie due to their closeness to the ground. And to make your workout experience feel more realistic and natural, the distance between the footplates has been reduced to the minimum so as your walking motion can feel like the real act itself.  A pivoting footpad has also been installed to simulate your feet’s movement as you go forward.

If you prefer not to go for an upper body workout, the machine has fixed handlebars that will give you good support as you work out your lower body.

Assembly and Warranty

Inclusion of a comprehensive manual make assembling this machine an easy task. It doesn’t pack many parts and so putting it together won’t take any longer than 1-2 hours. A good number of users on Amazon say that it took them an average of 45 minutes to have the machine ready and operational.

As for the warranty here’s what to expect:

  • Frame-Lifetime warranty
  • Brake-20 years
  • Parts-1 year
  • Labor-1 year


Despite being a little older than its close rivals, Horizon EX-57 has never been pushed out of the market.  One of its closes alternatives is its sister model, the Horizon EX-59-02. When it comes to price, they are just a few hundred dollars apart, with FX-59-02 taking the lead. Presence of more workout programs, resistance levels, and a number of additional features like a cooling fan explain for the difference in price. However, if you are a beginner who wants an affordable trainer, you will likely end up going for the EX-57.

Exerpeutic 5000 is another affordable entry level trainer that gives Horizon EX-57 a run for its money.  Even though they share a number of features like the stride length, Exerpeutic gets an edge over the EX-57 due to its many resistance levels, superior design and use of latest technology. It’s priced a bit lower than EX-57 and so any trainer who wants a more popular option in this class will likely end up choosing Exerpeutic 5000.