Hi, and welcome to our site. Ellipticalist.com started out as a resourceful stop for all of us out to stay healthy and fit. More importantly, this passion led us to step in to the market of elliptical trainers, single out the best ones, and the bad ones too, and share our quality reviews covering each of them. The bulky work you would have done, like digging up to find the best elliptical trainers of our times, has already been covered by us. So you no longer need to fret about making an informed purchase decision because all you need to get there is within our comprehensive database.

What’s Unique about Ellipticalist?

Ever stepped out into the web to get yourself informed before pulling the trigger on a larger purchase but all you could get were half-baked reviews? We absolutely understand how that feels. Not every sales person or rookie can be trusted to give correct, complete and unbiased information. That’s why we stepped in to give you helpful, honest and impartial reviews for each of the products featured on our site.

Comprehensive reviews

Our pride lies in the fact that we’ve dissected all the elliptical trainers-popular and unpopular, and even the brands to reveal all the good and the bad you deserve to know. If the trainer is noisy as a fighter jet, we’ll tell you. If the product comes with a mean warranty, we’ll tell you. If the brand has a soiled reputation, we’ll say it.

Helpful information

Besides serving you comprehensive reviews, we also feature a blog on our site whose main aim is to give you all the helpful health, fitness, and workout information you need to optimize your fitness and healthy lifestyle. Of course owning a decent elliptical trainer isn’t enough on its own and so checking out some of the tips, tricks and, the how to’s we’ve covered on our blog will help bring you closer to reaching your health and fitness goals.

We also enjoy and value your opinion so feel easy to share out your thoughts on our reviews and we’ll be glad to get in touch and answer or comment on any issues or opinions you may have.

Thanks again for joining us.